StaySharp is the reference in Montreal and Quebec for Japanese knives and the waterstone sharpening service. All our blades are made in Japan by craftsmen-blacksmiths known for their ancestral know-how and their unrivalled attention to detail.

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Really good services and sound advice for my purchases. Very honest prices, quality Japanese knives #1.

Sébastien Poirier

It's been a few years since I deal with Stay Sharp for my knives and I have only positive to say! Always excellent service, friendly, quick response, well executed work and very nice inventory of knives to all budgets. Thank you Stay Sharp!

Kevin Lacroix

Impeccable, fast and affordable sharpening service. Great variety of knives and thoughtful advice, in short excellent service! Highly recommended for foodservice professionals and food lovers.

Jules Bernier

An enthusiast who will love to share his knowledge with you, with a wide range of products for beginners and experts! An impeccable japanese waterstone-feeding service. A must-see in Montreal!

Timothée Mongeau

Quality products and excellent after-sales service!

Cedric Perras-Joly

I bought several knives from Stay Sharp and I can say they are excellent! If you ever have questions about any steel or a certain type of knife, the owner is ready to answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend it!

Elibert Hernandez

After several purchases with Olivier from Stay Sharp, I can guarantee you impeccable customer service. It will guide you to the purchase of a Japanese blade according to your needs and budget. In addition it offers several other services such as stone sharpening. I have long before shopping at other merchants and I guarantee that I will not go any further.

Joshua Patry

Finally a real shop of knives. Good selection, good listening and good service. To watch!

Jean-François Durocher

A meticulous, diligent and passionate craftsman. Oli always offers a flexible and personalized service as well as a large collection of knives of all kinds, the only one other than me that I let touch my knives!

Maximilian Perron

I have dealt several times with Stay Sharp Montreal and I have always been well served. Smart advice and quality products. I recommend it.

Danny Morin

A talented craftsman

Suzanne Yvon

Perfect experience from start to finish. I was able to talk with someone before I even committed to anything to get advice on what product I needed, guide me in my choice and also after my purchase for maintenance. Plenty of products available for all tastes and uses. I only buy my Stay Sharp knives from now on to support local entrepreneurship.

Francis Côté

Olivier (owner) is incredibly qualified in the field. He knows what he's selling, he knows where to point you for your knife purchases without wanting to empty your pockets. In addition to being a master in the art of sharpening knives with frankly competitive prices, he will take the time to explain in detail what good Japanese knives are! Myself as an amateur and a trippy to see all these beautiful pieces, he guided me with increased patience towards choices that I greatly appreciate every day! There's something for everyone, whether it's starting in the $100 to the collectors! I definitely recommend it and I tell you, you will not be disappointed!

Jean-Philip Lessard

Excellent service, nice range of knives.

Renaud Oats

Great service, excellent price, beautiful selection! As a bonus, collaborations with Quebec artisans for sleeves and derivatives!

Nikola Besnard

Careful and professional service I bought several knives and accessories and I was never disappointed with the quality and price. I have the blade of my Shun knife that broke and he caught me as if it were brand new!! Thank you very much Olivier!

Martin Robert

Olivier really offers a top service. A1 services and advice!!

Restaurant Othym

Beautiful choice of knives, sharpening and good advice

Noe Lainesse

The best in terms of Japanese knives in Quebec!

Raphael Buteau

Very professional.

Marie-Eve St-Denis

Quality and very professional service

Patrick Chartrand


Philippe Dion-Boucher

Excellent service, bought multiple knives with Stay Sharp, very precise and detailed about his craft. Also had many knives with broken tips that got fixed like new. I always recommend Stay Sharp services for my cooks and friends for knives sharpening. Fast, efficient and very personal service.

Rozilius L.

Been looking for a professional for quite some time, and finally I found one. Fast Service, the knifes are razor sharp again, and they stay sharp too! He has a great collection of Japanese Knifes also! Definitely going back there!

Enrico Heise

The knives are great and of very high quality. Olivier is very competent and will make sure you get the best knife for your budget! I will be a loyal customer!

Alain Brisebois

I have bought two beautiful and authentic Japanese knives from StaySharp. One of them is my first Takeda. I was given useful advice before the purchase. The prices and selection are very good for the Canadian market, especially in the Quebec province. I really recommend!

Martin Tremblay

Stay Sharp has been my purveyor of knives since the beginning (as recommended by my chef) and not a second I've regretted my choice of choosing StaySharp! Oli, the owner of the company is a super kind and caring person and a very good seller who keeps your interests in what you're looking for in a knife in mind, if you want knives in Montreal and want to support a local seller, go for StaySharp! Great variety of knife and accessories, good prices and well after you buy your first one from him you'll never stop!



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