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Stay Sharp Japanese Knives offer you a complete professional sharpening service. Whether for regular sharpening , repair or thinning, we have the expertise and skills to take care of it. Read all the details below.

Questions about the sharpening service?

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Traditional Japanese stone sharpening

Traditional Japanese stone sharpening

Water stone sharpening is the most effective way to maintain the sharpness and performance of your blades. This traditional Japanese technique preserves the harmony between the knife's two cutting edges, ensuring a precise, even cut. The use of an appropriately grained water stone system, combined with regular, patient movements, restores the blade to its full potential. Waterstone sharpening is a delicate art, but it ensures that your knives remain tools of choice for the kitchen.

For blades with two bevels
Price: $20 to $35 depending on length
Sharpening for single-bevel knives
Rates: $35 to $60 depending on length



Is the tip of your favorite knife broken? Is your blade banged up after being used to break bones? We've got you covered. We can reprofile your blade, recreate a broken tip, and more.

Rates from $5 to $50, depending on repair.



With the years of use and sharpening that a blade undergoes, it comes to a point where the blade becomes too thick at the cutting edge. As a result, your knife won't cut as well, since the thinner the blade, the better it will cut through food. What's more, sharpening doesn't last as long.

Rates from $60 to $100 depending on the work to be done (includes sharpening).

Do I need to make an appointment to bring my knives to be sharpened?

You bring your knife(s) into the store for a free estimate. Since we're open 7 days a week, there's no need to make an appointment. Just drop in during opening hours .

How long do I have to leave the knives in the store for sharpening?

Once you've received your estimate, if you're happy with the price, you leave your knife(s) with us and we call you back when we've finished. Depending on workload and store traffic, this may take a few days. Although we don't guarantee any delay, the average time before you get your knife(s) back is about 48 hours.

How much does sharpening cost?

The price of a sharpening/repair varies between $20 and $100 per knife. The final estimate is made in the store.

What repairs are available?

We offer the following repair services:

  • Repair of damaged edges (~$15-40)
  • Rust removal (~$5-20)
  • Broken point (~$5-25)
  • Blade thinning (~$40-100)
  • Blade reprofiling (~$10-25)
  • Handle change (~$30)
What sharpening method is used at Stay Sharp?

We hand-sharpen each knife using the traditional Japanese water stone method. We use at least 3 different stones for each knife, and the end result meets Stay Sharp's high standards. If you're not satisfied, we guarantee our work and will sharpen your blade free of charge.

Can I get my scissors sharpened at Stay Sharp?

We don't sharpen scissors, that's not our expertise.

Can I get my straight razor sharpened?

No, we do not sharpen straight razors.

Customer Reviews

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Étienne De Grâce
Mieux qu’un neuf

J’ai apporté un Gyuto en (très) mauvais état et l’équipe de Stay Sharp a été en mesure de réaliser un miracle et a redonné son tranchant original au couteau tout en lui donnant l’aspect d’une lame neuve et étincelante. Le tout en donnant des détails sur la réparation et de précieux conseils sur l’entretien à prévoir. Merci!