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  • La forge de Nigara et la pierre turquoise

    Nigara forge and turquoise stone

    Creative craftsman Go Yoshizawa brings exceptional talent to the family business at the Nigara Forge, one of the most renowned forges in Japan and the world. This forge is famous for its exceptional damascus work, a technique that creates unique patterns...

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  • Hado, sur “la route des lames” de Sakai

    Hado, on Sakai's blade route

    Renowned for centuries for its handcrafted knife-making, the town of Sakai is the birthplace of numerous forges such as Togashi (link to Togashi article) and Hado. Renowned for their passion and traditional techniques, Hado's craftsmen are true steel craftsmen. Discover...

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  • Togashi: l'épopée d'une forge de légende

    Togashi: the epic story of a legendary forge

     As one of the many famous blacksmithing forge in Sakai, Togashi stands out for its long family tradition and its mastery of ancestral techniques. Discover the history of this family business, its manufacturing methods and its exceptional knives, true jewels...

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  • Comment bien aiguiser ses couteaux japonais ?

    How to sharpen your Japanese knives ?

    Owning a Japanese knife is also a commitment to care for it. Even if they are known to be the sharpest and most durable knives, as for any high-end product, it is necessary to know the best practices to preserve...

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  • Quels sont les meilleurs couteaux japonais?

    What are the best Japanese knives?

    Are you an avid cook? If the answer is yes, then you've probably already heard about the quality of Japanese knives! But is there a better knife than the others? Can we choose any Japanese knife? Answer in this article. Why...

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