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Les Couteaux Ginsan de la Série Hado : L'Équilibre Parfait entre Tradition et Innovation

Hado Series Ginsan Knives: The Perfect Balance between Tradition and Innovation

In Japanese, the kanji forming the word Hado (刃道) represent "the road of blades". Another Japanese word, also pronounced "Hado", means "moving wave". These two definitions speak volumes about the philosophy behind the Hado project from Fukui Co & Ltd, a highly regarded Japanese knife sales company with a 109-year history.

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Author: Olivier Caza-Berthelet, Owner of Stay Sharp

The fascinating story of Hado

Hado is Fukui Co & Ltd's in-house series! The project stands out mainly for its daring departure from the beaten track. It all began when Tadataka Maruyama, the company's head of sales and warehouse management, decided to leave his job to learn the art of "hatsuke" (blade grinding). President Ryuichiro Fukui saw in Maruyama a burning desire to master this art and seized the opportunity. He agreed to let Maruyama leave his post to learn blade grinding, on condition that he return three years later to become the company's principal grinder. During these three years, Maruyama was paid and the company prepared a workshop with the best possible equipment, just waiting for his return.

Thanks to Fukui's excellent contacts in the field, Maruyama learned directly from great masters such as Syotaro Nomura and Masaaki Nakamura. Usually, it takes at least ten years to master blade grinding and several years of observation before you can touch the blades. However, thanks to his intensive apprenticeship and the workshop specially prepared for him, Maruyama quickly acquired a satisfactory and respected mastery in Sakai. Even Yoshikazu Tanaka, one of Japan's most renowned master blacksmiths, agreed to collaborate with Fukui Co & Ltd and Tadataka Maruyama on two of Hado's flagship series.

The Ginsan Series: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship

Hado's Ginsan series is forged from ginsan (number 3 silver steel) by master blacksmith Shogou Yamatsuka of Yamatsuka Hamono, and shaped by Tadataka Maruyama of Fukui Co & Ltd. Ginsan is a steel that almost replicates the cutting capabilities of high-carbon steels, yet is stainless. Tadataka's concave grinding results in a very thin cutting edge and outstanding cutting capacity. It is therefore essential to take the time to tame these knives and use them correctly to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Why choose the Ginsan Series?

We recommend the Ginsan Series to professional chefs, home cooking enthusiasts or simply as an original gift for family or a close friend. These knives are not only exceptional kitchen tools, but also works of art representing the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation.

With the Ginsan series, every cut becomes an act of precision and elegance, paying tribute to Japanese craftsmanship and the passion of those who helped create these exceptional blades.

Discover the philosophy and mastery behind every Hado Series knife, and let yourself be inspired by this small wave in motion whose repercussions extend far beyond your cutting board.

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