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Yoshikazu Tanaka : Maître forgeron de Sakai, Osaka

Yoshikazu Tanaka: Master Blacksmith from Sakai, Osaka

Yoshikazu Tanaka is a renowned master blacksmith with more than 50 years of forging experience. Working from the historic city of Sakai in Osaka, Japan, he is celebrated for his exceptional craftsmanship in the art of forging blades. With a legacy spanning generations, Tanaka has become a prominent figure in the world of traditional Japanese knife-making.

Yoshikazu Tanaka and the Yakinamashi technique

One technique that Tanaka-san uses, which is called Yakinamashi in japanese, involves using rice straw for an initial annealing process. After roughly shaping the steel, he heats the blades before enveloping them in rice straw. This method allows for a slow and controlled cooling process, preventing sudden temperature changes that could lead to cracks or warping. The straw acts as an insulating layer, ensuring that the blades cool down gradually and evenly, resulting in improved structural integrity.

Following the straw annealing process, Tanaka adopts a patient approach by allowing the blades to rest for a minimum of 24 hours. This resting period is crucial, as it allows the steel to settle and stabilize after the initial heat treatment. By giving the blades ample time to cool and adjust, Tanaka ensures that they are ready for the subsequent steps of cold forging and quenching.


The age-old tempering process

When it comes to quenching, Tanaka employs the use of pine charcoal, which is renowned for its exceptional heat retention properties. The blades are immersed in a bed of red-hot pine charcoal, carefully selected for its purity and consistent temperature distribution. As the blades are plunged into the water for quenching, the intense heat and rapid cooling transform the molecular structure of the steel, enhancing its hardness and creating a resilient cutting edge.


Notable collaborations

Tanaka's collaboration with esteemed knife companies such as Hitohira, Konosuke, Hado and Sakai Takayuki exemplifies his expertise and standing in the industry. These partnerships allow him to showcase his exceptional craftsmanship to a wider audience, as his blades become an integral part of high-quality kitchen knives and culinary tools produced by these renowned brands.

In conclusion, Yoshikazu Tanaka's mastery of traditional blacksmithing techniques, including the use of rice straw for an initial annealing process and the utilization of pine charcoal for quenching, demonstrates his commitment to upholding the time-honored art of Japanese knife-making. Through his collaborations with esteemed knife companies, Tanaka's expertise continues to influence and shape the world of fine cutlery, preserving the legacy of Sakai's renowned blacksmithing traditions for generations to come.


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