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Togashi: l'épopée d'une forge de légende

Togashi: the epic story of a legendary forge

 As one of the many famous blacksmithing forge in Sakai, Togashi stands out for its long family tradition and its mastery of ancestral techniques. Discover the history of this family business, its manufacturing methods and its exceptional knives, true jewels of Japanese craftsmanship.

Sakai: the cradle of Japanese knife-making

The love affair between the Sakai region and ironworking began centuries ago. Going back as far as the 6th century, the art of knife-making really asserted itself in the region, with the manufacture of weapons, swords and knives. Located near Osaka, this port city is considered as the center of Japanese knife making during the Edo era (1603-1868). Even today, the art of knife-making is present throughout the city and no less than 75 blacksmiths have been awarded the "Dento Kogei-shi", a distinction granted by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The knives produced in the Sakai region, including those from the famous Togashi forge, are renowded to be among the best Japanese knives in the world.

Togashi forge: a tradition passed down from generation to generation

The Togashi forge is one of the oldest and most respected forges in Sakai. It is particularly famous because of the meticulous care given to each step of the knife making process with traditional and precise techniques. The forge is a beautiful family story, with knowledge passed down from generation to generation. Several members of the family, including Master Kenji Togashi and his three sons, work together to make exceptional knives.

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Togashi forging techniques: an exceptional know-how

Togashi blacksmiths are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. They use traditional techniques to create handmade knives from high quality materials. Master Kenji Togashi is one of the workshop's legendary blacksmiths: his outstanding work has earned him the distinction of the Order of the Sacred Treasure of Japan and multiple awards. He is particularly known for his honyaki, inspired by the techniques of katana making and considered the Holy Grail of Japanese knives. To this day, only a handful of people know how to make it the right way. The Togashi forge also has its own in-house grinder, Kenya Togashi, which allows it to make the blades from start to finish in one place.

Togashi knives are true works of art

What makes a Togashi knife exceptional is first and foremost a very particular attention given to the choice of materials. The Togashi forge uses mainly two types of steel: Yasuki Shirogami #1 and #2 and Yasuki Aogami 1# and #2. They come from Hitachi Steels, LTd, the reference in steel making in Japan. These steels, very pure, are ideal for the making of high quality Japanese knives. They are also known to be particularly sharp and resistant.

It is therefore not surprising that these knives are found in the hands of chefs all over the world, charmed by the quality and prestige of the Togashi forge.

For many years, the Togashi forge has been recognized as a true institution in the Japanese knife-making industry. Appreciated by star chefs as well as passionate home cooks, Togashi knives are as precious as they are durable, and are a safe bet in any kitchen!


Olivier's advice: 

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