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Free shipping on orders of $150 or more in Canada (some exceptions applies) *


Hado, sur “la route des lames” de Sakai

Hado, on Sakai's blade route

Renowned for centuries for its handcrafted knife-making, the town of Sakai is the birthplace of numerous forges such as Togashi and Hado.

Renowned for their passion and traditional techniques, Hado's craftsmen are true steel craftsmen. Discover Hado's manufacturing secrets and its most emblematic knives.

Know-how handed down from generation to generation

In Japanese, Hado can be translated as "road of blades", but also as "wave in motion". This is exactly the spirit reflected in the history of Hado, a project founded by Fukui Co & Ltd, a renowned company and expert in Japanese knives for over a century.

What sets Hado apart from other forges is the desire to preserve ancient, artisanal techniques, where everything is still done by hand, with more modern tools such as machines to produce top-quality knives. Each range of knives is crafted from different steels, giving them very specific characteristics.


Junpaku, Shirogami #1 white steel knives

Our first range, the Junpaku series is renowned for its precision knives and the finesse of its blades. The knives in this series are hand-forged by renowned master blacksmith Yoshikazu Tanaka, which makes them exceptional on several levels. Accustomed to working exclusively in carbon steel coated with stainless soft iron using the traditional method, Tanaka reinvents himself with the Junpaku series. Using the san mai technique, the knife's cutting edge (the central layer) is made of shirogami #1, a hard, oxidizable steel, while the two layers covering it are stainless.

Discover our selection of Junpaku

Ginsan: the union of carbon and stainless steel

The Ginsan series is one of our most popular. The knives are forged from #3 silver steel: ginsan. This steel is interesting in that it has almost the same characteristics as carbon steels, yet is stainless.
The result? Cutting-edge knives with outstanding cutting capacity and corrosion resistance. The Ginsan series will delight all professional chefs, and also makes a wonderful gift for those with a passion for cooking.

Discover our Ginsan selection



Sumi: in the pure tradition of Japanese knives

With their high-carbon blades, Sumi knives are in the purest tradition of Japanese knife-making. Sumi blades are made from Shirogami 2 (#2 white steel), making them extremely sharp.
They are ideal for high-level culinary tasks. The slightly rustic look of the blade is achieved by kurouchi, a traditional finish that provides better rust resistance thanks to partial polishing. The knives in this series are valuable tools for experienced cooks or amateurs looking to invest in high-quality knives.

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