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Free shipping on orders of $150 or more in Canada (some exceptions applies) *


Découvrez la nouvelle gamme de Hitohira: Kikuchiyo Rou

Discover Hitohira’s new line: Kikuchiyo Rou

The Best from Hitohira

Hitohira's latest creation, the Kikuchiyo Rou line, is a testament to the skills of Kikuchiyo and Rou, respectively a respected master blacksmith and sharpener from Sakai, Osaka. Kikuchiyo is known for his innovative Ginsan work and his extensive experience at a young age. His blades are celebrated for their exceptional quality. Add to this the work of Rou, who recently joined Hitohira's roster of skilled craftsmen as sharpener and polisher, and you have this impressive work. These knives, much sought-after by chefs around the world, embody the high standards of quality of fit and finish for which Hitohira is renowned. The Kikuchyo Rou series is a tribute to the dedication of Sakai's finest forges and traditional Japanese craftsmanship, offering both aesthetic beauty and unrivalled performance. Discover more Hitohira knives here .


Kikuchiyo, the celebrated blacksmith from Sakai, Osaka, rose to prominence in the early 2000s when he was invited to join Sakai's master craftsmen. His early start in blacksmithing allowed him to amass extensive knowledge and skills before physical limitations set in. Notably, Kikuchiyo boldly experimented with unconventional steels like stainless, resulting in his Ginsan (Silver 3) knives becoming highly coveted among Japanese chefs. His expertise extended to Honyaki quenching, producing beautiful Hamon patterns and achieving the ideal hardness and consistance. Kikuchiyo's knives gained the respect of Sakai's sharpeners and finishers, and he remains dedicated to his dream of success, paying homage to his master's forge in every blade he forges.


Ginsan steel, a variant closely resembling Shirogami 2 in its elemental makeup, stands out due to the significant inclusion of 14% chromium. This addition transforms it into a stainless steel characterized by its low impurity levels. Renowned for its exceptional properties, blades crafted from Ginsan boast a high hardness and an impressive ability to retain sharpness, competing favorably with those made from traditional high carbon steels. Its purity not only makes it a popular choice among blacksmiths who adhere to traditional steelworking methods, but also ensures that sharpening these blades is a satisfying and effective process. This unique blend of characteristics makes Ginsan steel a highly valued material in the world of fine blade making.

Rare knives at a rare price

The Kikuchyo Rou series by Hitohira, a creation of the combination of the renown blacksmith and sharpener, is a rare find in the realm of premium cutlery. These knives, crafted with the premium Ginsan steel, are not only exceptional in quality but also limited in availability due to the intricate and labor-intensive production process. Despite their rarity and superior craftsmanship, the Kikuchyo Rou knives are offered at a surprisingly reasonable price, primarily because this line is a new addition to Hitohira's esteemed collection. Providing an excellent opportunity for chefs and culinary enthusiasts to own a piece of Kikuchiyo's convoited workmanship at an unbeatable value. Find more rare knives here.

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