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Free shipping in Canada for all purchases of $150 or more (More details)



Hitohira FJ VG-10 Petty 150mm Ho (Wa)

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The Petty is the perfect knife for slicing fresh herbs, cutting small vegetables and peeling fruits. Very versatile, this knife can even be used to debone poultry and small pieces of meat. Inspired by the French cuisine, the term ''petty'' is derived from the word ''petit'' and refers to a small chef's knife.

VG-10 is a stainless steel produced by Takefu Special Steel in the early 1960s and is still in use more than 60 years later. This steel was specially designed for knife making and is used by many master blacksmiths in Japan. Despite the 15% chromium in the composition which gives it a high corrosion resistance, VG-10 can reach an HRC of 60-61. This is due to the addition of 1.5% Cobalt which gives the steel a higher hardness with a high temperature quenching treatment.

The Hitohira brand is a guarantee of excellence and you can be sure that every knife sold under this name will meet rigorous quality standards.

Maintenance tips

Have it sharpened on a water stone by a professional every year. Store in a dry place. Wash immediately after use and dry completely before storing. Do not soak. Not dishwasher safe.


Each knife is guaranteed for life for obvious problems related to the manufacture of the product. For example, if the handle comes off or cracks after a few weeks of proper use. Or if the blade has a crack in the edge to the spine of the blade. These problems are rare, but they can happen. In which case you will be offered an exchange for the same product or a refund. Each case being different, it is at our discretion to evaluate if our lifetime warranty for obvious manufacturing problems applies.

After Sales Service

Your knife doesn't cut as well as you expected?Every knife comes with what we call its "factory edge". We have over 200 different products in stock, often with multiple copies of each. All of our products are handcrafted in Japan before being shipped and the "factory edge" may vary. If you feel that your knife is not cutting to its full potential, feel free to contact us and we will fix it for you by sharpening the knife for free!

Oops, did an accident happen with your blade?
Did your knife fall on the floor, get damaged during a wrong movement or was it used to cut a product that was too hard? We take care of it, we accompany you and your knife, offering you a sharpening and repair service in house! Don't hesitate to contact us or drop by our store to get an estimate in a few minutes!
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Total lenght


Handle length at tip


Edge lenght


Blade height


Blade thickness


Handle size




Mono VG-10

Steel type

Stainless steel


Handle material

Ho wood and buffalo horn



Couteau d'office


Office knife

Hand orientation



Production area

Seki-Gifu/ Japan

What are the different types of Japanese knives?

What are the different types of Japanese knives?

Each Japanese knife is made with a specific purpose in mind. There are types of multi-purpose knives such as the Gyuto which is the equivalent of a chef's knife or the Santoku which translates into: three virtues, a name that well represents its multiplicity. The Sujihiki and the Yanagiba are made for slicing while the Nakiri and the Usuba are specialized for cutting vegetables. Without forgetting the Petty for precision tasks. The list goes on and the possibilities are diverse.

Why buy a Japanese knife?

Why buy a Japanese knife?

Japanese blades are lighter, very balanced, higher hardness, sharper and retain their sharpness longer. This allows the user greater control of his work tool and a clean cut to alter the texture and flavor of the food as little as possible.