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L'Art du Couteau Japonais : Yoshihiro Yauji et le Deba en Aogami #2

The Art of the Japanese Knife: Yoshihiro Yauji and Deba in Aogami #2

In the world of cutlery, where tradition meets innovation, Japanese knives stand out for their refinement, precision and beauty. Among the artisans who perpetuate this heritage with passion and dedication, Yoshihiro Yauji stands out. Born in 1983, Yauji turned his early interest in DIY into a quest to create unparalleled steel tools, specializing in making knives that are more than just instruments: they are a celebration of human history and art.

A Journey Through Time and Steel

Yoshihiro Yauji sees knives as the symbol of human progress. “Knives represent the starting point of humanity,” he says, emphasizing their central role since the Stone Age. This historical and philosophical perspective deeply influences his approach to cutlery, where each piece is full of history and meaning.

Learning and Mastery

Yauji's journey into the art of cutlery took a decisive turn in 2003, when he became an apprentice to Master Hideo Kitaoka, an artisan recognized as one of Japan's finest blacksmiths. Under Kitaoka's tutelage, Yauji refined his craft, learning not only the ancient techniques of blacksmithing, but also the philosophy behind every hammer blow and bend of steel.

Independence and Innovation

After more than 15 years of rigorous training, in 2019, Yoshihiro Yauji began to forge knives independently, marking the beginning of a new era in his career. His knives, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflect his commitment to excellence. He is particularly recognized for his work with aogami #2, a Japanese steel renowned for its ability to maintain an exceptional sharpness while providing great durability.

The Deba and the Aogami#2

Aogami #2 steel, developed by Hitachi Metals, enriches Shirogami #2 with chromium and tungsten for improved durability and corrosion resistance, while maintaining a superior sharpness thanks to a high carbon content. The Deba , a Japanese knife specialized for preparing fish, perfectly illustrates the use of this steel. Its design allows different parts of the blade to perform specific functions: the heel for cutting hard parts, the tip for precise incisions, and the curved center for efficient threading. Although ideal for fish, the Deba can also be used for other small butchery tasks, demonstrating its versatility.

The Craftsman Behind the Tool

What sets Yoshihiro Yauji apart from other blacksmiths is not only his versatility and passion, but also his philosophy. He firmly believes that every knife he creates carries within it a part of history and the human spirit. By forging, sharpening, finishing and polishing each piece himself, he infuses his knives with a soul that transcends their utilitarian function.


Yoshihiro Yauji's knives represent, both in their aesthetic aspects and in their functionality, all the expertise and vision of the craftsman. They embody the perfect marriage of functionality, beauty and history. For professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts, owning a Yauji knife means owning a piece of history, forged with passion and precision by a master of his art.

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