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Free shipping on orders of $150 or more in Canada (some exceptions applies) *


Hitohira, vous connaissez?

The Story Of Hitohira

The Hitohira Story: A Journey to Excellence

Hitohira is much more than just a Japanese knife company; it's the fruit of the passion and commitment of a man whose background is far from ordinary. This article traces Hitohira's humble origins to its current renown, highlighting its founder's unique perspective on Japanese kitchen knives and their promising future.

The First Steps: A Learning Journey

It all began with a series of trips around the world. The owner's latest destination was Canada, where he had the opportunity to work in a renowned cutlery store for several months. Here he perfected his sharpening and polishing techniques, developing a veritable obsession for these skills. This intensive apprenticeship enabled him to acquire a vast knowledge of the different types of kitchen knives and water stones.

What particularly fascinated him was the growing Western interest in traditional Japanese kitchen knives. This trend, now widespread, is supported by the emergence of many specialized Japanese craftsmen and companies. In his early travels, he was intrigued by the fact that Japanese brands well known in America were little recognized in Japan itself.

The birth of Hitohira

After returning to Japan, he began working in one of the country's most famous cutlery stores. This experience inspired him to launch his own company. To do so, he first decided to travel around Japan to meet with various cutlery artisans. The major challenge was to make Japanese knives known internationally, a goal that became a driving force for Hitohira.

His main concept is to reveal to the general public the advantages of handcrafted Japanese knives. Indeed, Hitohira's handmade knives are far superior to their industrial counterparts. If you need help choosing your knife, don't hesitate to consult our Hitohira collection.

A strategy focused on quality and education

Hitohira's success is based not only on the exceptional quality of its products, but also on its ability to convince consumers of this quality. In a market often influenced by appearance, photos and media content play a crucial role, but consumer education remains paramount.

Hitohira is distinguished by its strong relationships in the Japanese forging community. The company works exclusively with the finest craftsmen. In particular, Hitohira has discovered Jiro, one of Japan's greatest hidden talents. The ability to work with several craftsmen simultaneously enables Hitohira to create unique collaborations between blacksmiths and grinders.

A variety of products for all budgets

The diversity of Hitohira's inventory is also a major asset. The company offers a wide range of knives, from affordable models to high-end knives, enabling it to broaden its audience and introduce products to as many people as possible. A high-quality knife is often worth every penny invested, and Hitohira ensures that every purchase represents exceptional value.


When you buy a Hitohira product, you're choosing outstanding quality. I'm honored to collaborate with this company, as we share the same goals and mission: to promote the excellence of Japanese handcrafted products. Thanks to this invaluable partnership, I have the opportunity to present Hitohira's exceptional products in Montreal.

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