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Free shipping in Canada for all purchases of $150 or more (More details)



Hitohira, vous connaissez?

The Story Of Hitohira

The story of its owner is far from trivial; his point of view on the Japanese kitchen knife and its future is very interesting. In this text, you will discover the beginnings of this company until its current peak.

It began with many trips around the world. The owner’s last destination was Canada, where he had the chance to work in a well-known cutlery shop for several months. He worked this began with many trips around the world. The owner’s last destination was Canada where he had the chance to work in a very famous cutlery store for several months. He constantly worked on his sharpening and polishing techniques until he developed an obsession with it. His apprenticeship allows him today to have a vast knowledge of the different types of kitchen knives and water stones. What fascinated him at that time was the interest that Westerners had in the traditional Japanese kitchen knife. Today, this growing interest can be explained by the emergence of several Japanese blacksmiths and craft companies. At the time of his first travels, well-known Japanese trademarks were well known in America, while little recognized in Japan, which intrigued him. For the past few years, the craze for handicrafts has been growing, thanks to companies like Hitohira. The first idea behind this company is to reveal to the general public the advantages of Japanese artisanal knives. Indeed, the handmade kitchen knife as promoted by Hitohira is much more efficient than an industrial knife. There are obviously several ranges of Japanese knives. If you need help choosing your knife, please refer to the article “The Steels” on the website.

Following his trip to America, he returned to Japan and began working in one of Japan’s most famous cutlery stores. It was after this experience that he decided to start his business. Above all, he decided to go around Japan to meet the cutlery craftsmen. The great challenge of the time was to make the Japanese knife known internationally, which is now a great strength for Hitohira. Obviously, the advantage of the company is of course its product, because the quality is obvious, but the most important thing is to convince the consumer of this quality! Unfortunately, today, we rely on the appearance of the products to make a choice. So photos and media content are paramount, but the most important thing is product education.

One of the greatest strengths of this company is certainly its relationships in the Japanese blacksmithing community. Hitohira only works with the best of the best. He is also the one who discovered Jiro, one of Japan’s greatest hidden talents. His ability to work with several people at the same time allows him to make interesting collaborations between a blacksmith and a grinder. Obviously, the traditional high-end knife is worth its weight in gold and it is normal today to pay several hundred dollars for a knife of this quality (believe me, it is worth every dollar invested). The diversity of his inventory is also an important aspect of his company; you can find a selection of low-cost knives such as higher-end knives, which allows it to expand its audience and make the product known to as many people as possible.

In conclusion, when you buy a Hitohira brand item, you make sure to make an extraordinary quality purchase. I am honoured to do business with this company, because we have the same objectives, the same mission. This precious partner allows me to showcase the exceptional quality of Hitohira products in Montreal.

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