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HI-CONDITION Hanpu Canvas 6 Pockets Knife Roll Dark Gray

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Brand:HI-CONDITION ハイコンディション
Manufacturer: Yuji Osada 長田 勇次
Production area: Tokyo/ Japan
Product type: Knife Roller
Size: 6 pockets

HI-CONDITION has its headquarters in Asaksabashi. This area of Tokyo used to be famous as "the city of textile and leather craftsmen", but now there are fewer people carrying on this tradition. With Hi-CONDITION, we strive to keep this tradition alive with an attention to detail and quality that honors Taito's history.
They began as a creative center and gallery where artists displayed their artwork and clothing, which included HI-CONDITION's own stencil. As the gallery progressed, the HI-CONDITION brand was born, integrating a network of artisans with their years of artistic experience into a line of high-end clothing, kitchen bags and accessories.
HI-CONDITION brings vibrant color and positivity to your life, creating products to the highest standards, quality items that you will find daily enjoyment in for years of use.
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