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Yoshihiro Yauji Aogami #2 Damascus Sakimaru 300mm Ironwood


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Blacksmith: Yoshihiro Yauji 弥氏良寛
Production area: Echizen-Fukui / Japan
Profile: Sakimaru
Size: 300 mm
Steel type: carbon steel (Oxidisable)
Steel: Yasuki Blue (Aogami) #2, coated with carbon Damascus
Handle: Western Ironwood
Total length: 424 mm
Edge length: 289 mm
Handle length at tip: 396 mm
Blade height: 38 mm
Thick: 3.7 mm
Length of handle: 126 mm
Weight: 243g
Hand orientation: right-handed

Born in 1983, Mr. Yoshihiro Yauji developed an interest in DIY from childhood and gradually fell in love with steel tools. He found a very special connection with knives because knives, in his own words, “represent the starting point of humanity.” From the Stone Age, human beings began to use knives to cut down trees and eventually led to the development of civilization. In 2003, Yoshihiro became the apprentice of Master Hideo Kitaoka, considered one of the best craftsmen in Japan. After more than 15 years of training, Yoshihiro finally started making knives independently in 2019. It should be noted that it forges, sharpens, finishes and sharpens on its own.