Takeda no Hamono HH Shirogami #2 Gyuto 240mm Ho Wood


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Brand: Takada no Hamonoノモノ

Blacksmith: Shiraki Blacksmith刃物

Region:   Sakai-Osaka

Profile: Gyuto

Type of steel: Carbon (Oxydable)

Steel: Yasuki White (Shirogami) #2

Channel: Ho Wood and Buffalo Horn

Blade length: 210mm 

Angle: Ambidextrous

Grinder: Mitsuaki Takada – 充晃


Takada no Hamono


Mitsaki Takada is a knife maker in Sakai, he worked for Ashi Hamono since 2004 before founding TAKADA no HAMONO in 2018. He is versatile and has great expertise in Hamaguri-style convex sharpening. Its polishing technique is innovative and unique. The brand concept is multidimensional. This is expressed through its choice of logos that resembles the sun or a star. He is passionate about creating pieces that make those around them happy. With this multi-sided philosophy of the mind, he focuses not only on the manufacture of the blade (forging and sharpening), but also on the cabinetry and crafting of leather. Mitsuaki Takada believes that detail is life! – His love of crafting and making kitchen knives is evident, and this by paying attention to the smallest details.



This   Yasuki White series (Shirogami) #2   is hand-forged by Shiraki Hamono, a very talented blacksmith who is behind several prestigious Japanese cutlery brands.

These knives have a fine cut feel and its sharpness has an excellent lifespan. They represent an exciting new generation of Sakai craftsmen producing high-quality work. I am extremely fortunate to work with Takada no Hamono and represent this company in Montreal.

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