Quebec X Japan PS60 Petty 150mm Migaki Makoré Ondé


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Brand: Hitohira ひ と ひ ら (一片)
Production area: Seki-Gifu / Japan
Profile: Petty
Size: 150 mm
Type of steel: stainless steel
Steel: PS60 (stainless steel)
Handle: Makoré Ondé
Total length: 276 mm
Length of edge: 148 mm
Length of handle at tip: 158 mm
Blade height: 29 mm
Thick: 1.7 mm
Length of handle: 115 mm
Weight: 67g
Hand orientation: right-handed
Duration: 60 ± 1HRC

Handle Maker: Nikolas Besnard


I am proud to present the series of hybrid knives: Japanese blade and Quebec handle created by Nikola Besnard! I strongly believe that the technique and the hundreds of years of expertise that the Japanese possess in the art of forging are second to none! However, in Quebec we have a certain talent for cabinet-makeers, as confirmed by these magnificent custom sleeves.

The goal is to form a symbiosis between two countries, two talents and make it a truly unique exceptional product! This series of six knives is available in only one copy of wood.

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