Myojin Hamono SG2 Kasumi Petty 165mm Zebrano


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A grinder: Myojin Naohito ズ

Production area: Sakai-Osaka/ Japan

Profile: Petty

Size: 165 mm

Type of steel: Powder metallurgy (Inoxidable)

Steel: SG2, covered with soft stainless steel

Handle: Ziricotte and zebrano and maple stitched ring

Saya: Zebrano

Total length: 295 mm

Length of edge: 160 mm

Length of handle at tip: 170 mm

Blade height: 34 mm

Thick: 1.4 mm

Length of handle: 125 mm

Handle Maker: Cedric Dion

This knife comes with a stunning matching matching Saya made to measure.


Myojin is an incredibly talented sharpener and has over 10 years of experience in the knife industry. During this time, he also trained as a blacksmith, which he said helped him better understand sharpening.

The entire cutlery industry in Sakai was very impressed including Morihiro (Sakai’s legendary sharpener) with his talent as a sharpener. His personal will, as well as his incredible constant productivity, allows him to improve quickly.

This highly personalized knife line is the highest-end line in the Quebec/Japan series.

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