Ittetsu Shirogami #1 Nakiri 180mm Walnut Wood


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Brand: Ittetsu
Blacksmith: Tadayoshi Kajiwara
Profile: Nakiri
Type of steel: Carbon (Oxydable)
Steel: Shirogami #1
Channel: Walnut Wood
Length of blade: 180mm
Finish: Kurouchi
Angle: Ambidextrous
Scrunter: Abe-San


Forged by blacksmith Tadayoshi Kajiwara from shirogami carbon steel, this steel is arguably one of the easiest and purest steels on the market. After forging these knives Kajiwara-san sends these blades to a young sharpener named Abe-San. He was previously Yoshimi Kato-san’s main sharpener, which positions him as one of the most talented sharpeners in his region. His sharpening of the double bevel is faultless and he decided to open his own shop near Takefu.

These knives represent a boon for those with a strong interest in oxidable steels and the traditional design of Japanese kitchen knives.