Hitohira Togashi Shirogami #1 Sakimaru 300mm Ebony wood


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Blacksmith: Togashi Blacksmith 富樫刃物製作所

Region:   Sakai-Osaka

Profile: Sakimaru

Type of steel: Carbon steel (oxidable)

Steel: Yasuki Shirogami   #1

Channel: Ebony wood and Buffalo Horn 

Blade length: 300mm

Sling:   Kenya Togashi

Finish: Mirror

Angle: Droitié


This item includes the custom made Saya for this knife.


Togashi-San is the blacksmith behind this   beautiful   blade. One of the 25 certified traditional craftsmen in the region, he has started to forge blades since 19 in 1967. The sharpener and polisher Yohei-San, also a certified traditional craftsman in the region, learned to sharpen the double-edged knife under the guidance of one of the region’s finest sharpeners Sakai.

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