Hitohira Sujihiki PS60 270mm Teck Wood No.18


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Manufacturer:   Hitohira ひひ片

Region:   Seki-Gifu

Profile: Sujihiki

Type of steel: Stainless

Steel: PS60

Channel: Teck Wood

Blade length: 270mm

Finish: Migaki

Orientation: Ambidextrous

Duration: 60-61 HRC

Manufacturer of the Channel:   Martin Tremblay

Production date: June 2020 no.18



I am proud to present my third   series of seven hybrid   knives: Japanese blade and Quebec handle! I strongly believe that the technique and the hundreds of years of expertise that the Japanese possess in the art of forging are second to none! However, in Quebec, we have a certain talent for cabinet-make, as confirmed by these magnificent sleeves personalised by Martin Tremblay.


Martin Tremblay:


He   is passionate about quality objects, as much their design and beauty, without compromising in terms of function. He discovered a passion, among other things, for woodworking and Japanese kitchen knives. A happy marriage occurred when he produced his first rounds of knives and   sayas   to live up to his standards. He strives to choose, among the most beautiful wood species, the pieces that present the most aesthetic textures and colors. he hopes   to offer you a product that will preserve or awaken your passion for cooking.


The goal is   to form a symbiosis between two countries, two talents and make it a   truly unique exceptional   product! This series of seven   knives is available in a single copy, which is essentially wood.


For this series of 7 I pursue the idea of numbering knives, so it will continue from number   13 to 19.