Hi-Condition Hanpu in Canvas 6 pouches (STAY SHARP) edition


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Manufacturer:   Yuji Osada 長勇次

Brand: Hi-Condition

Production area: Tokyo

Color: Forest Green, Beige

Material: High-game web

Format: Can hold 6 knives up to 270mm


HI-CONDITION is headquartered in Asaksabashi. This area of Tokyo was famous as “the city of textile and leather craftsmen”, but there are now fewer people who carry on this tradition. With Hi-CONDITION, we strive to keep this tradition alive with attention to detail and quality that honors Taito’s history.


They began as a creative center and gallery where artists exhibited their artworks and clothing, which included HI-CONDITION’s own stencil. As the gallery progressed, the HI-CONDITION brand was born, integrating a network of artisans with their years of artistic experience into a range of high-end clothing, kitchen bags and accessories.


HI-CONDITION lends bright colors and positivity to your life, creating products to the highest standards, quality items that you will find a daily pleasure for years of use.

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