Goko Hamono Gyuto 240mm Shirogami #1 Oakwood


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Blacksmith:   Goko Hamono刃物製作所

Region:   Chiba

Profile: Gyuto

Type of steel: Carbon (Covered with inoxidable steel)

Steel: Shirogami #1

Channel: Oakwood and Amarante Ring

Blade length: 240mm 

Finish:   Nashiji

Duration: 62-63 HRC

Angle: Ambidextrous


Goko Hamono


Goko Hamono is one of the last blacksmiths who make their knives by hand in the Chiba region specifically in Kashiwa. These knives are forged from Shirogami Steel 1 and are coated with stainless steel giving you the advantage of carbon steel and the ease of stainless steel maintenance. The fit and finish of these knives are excellent and have nothing to envy to other blade manufacturers in his area.


Goko started making knives recently but they quickly established themselves in the Japanese market. It has developed a solid reputation thanks to excellent value for money.

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