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Yoshimi Kato Black Damascus SG2 Gyuto 210mm Maple Magnifying Glass


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Blacksmith: Yoshimi Kato 越前打刃物
Production area: Echizen, Fukui/ Japan
Profile: Gyuto
Size: 210 mm
Type of steel: Powder Steel
Steel: SG2, Coated with Stainless Steel Damassé Flexible
Handle: Stabilized Maple Loupe
Total length: 343 mm
Length of edge: 214 mm
Handle length at tip: 225 mm
Blade height: 49 mm
Thick: 1.8 mm
Length of handle: 118 mm
Weight: 204g
Hand orientation: Ambidextrous
Duration: 62-64 HRC

Yoshimi Kato (aka Yoshimi Katou) is a renowned blacksmith from Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, and of the 3rd generation of Kato. Head of Kato Uchihamono, formerly Kintaro, Mr. Kato did his apprenticeship under the guidance of his father – a 2nd generation blacksmith – Hiroshi Kato for many years before taking over the family business. Mr. Kato is a master of thermal processing of high-end steels such as SG2 and Aogami Super. Its hand-forged Damascus is fascinating and its tsuchime finish is aesthetically pleasing. Kato knives have a reputation for being the best example of Echizen craftsmanship.