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Yoshikane SKD Nashiji Kiritsuke Petty 150mm Walnut


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Manufacturer: Yoshikane Hamono

Blacksmith: Kazuomi Yamamoto 吉金刃物
Production area: Sanjo/Japan
Profile: Petty
Size: 150 mm
Steel Type: Semi Stainless Steel
Steel: SKD11, Covered with Flexible Inoxidable Steel
Handle: Walnut and Ring in Pakka
Total length: 291 mm
Edge length: 155 mm
Length of handle at tip: 170 mm
Blade height: 32 mm
Thick: 4 mm
Length of handle: 120 mm
Weight: 80g
Hand orientation: Ambidextrous
Duration: 64 HRC


Yoshikane Hamono is located in Sanjo, Niigata and founded in 1919. It is led by Mr. Kazuomi Yoshida who continues to excel and evolve in the manufacture of high quality kitchen knives. This series is forged in SKD and coated with stainless steel. SKD is considered a semi-inoxidable and will form a patina slowly over time. SKD has a very good cutting-edge holding ability, tenacity and very easy sharpening. In my opinion, this knife are among the best in terms of cutting capacity and quality/price.