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Yamagata Imono Kofu (Teapot)


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Retailer: Komon
Artisan: Yamagata Imono
Product Type: Kofu
Dimension: Up to 500ml
Weight: 694g

Each Teapot is unique.

Wrought iron teapot according to the Yamagata cast iron tradition
Around 1060 AD, foundry craftsmen traveling with their warlord went to Yamagata Prefecture and discovered the perfect clay to make molds out of Tetsubin (iron pot). Using this material, they developed a style that resulted in gorgeous, thin but incredibly durable casts that gave Yamagata Imono a legendary reputation in Japan. In 1974, Japan established the “Law on the Promotion of the Traditional Handicraft Industry”,
in an effort to protect and cultivate artisans and preserve the techniques that have helped shape Japan’s history. Thanks to this law, Yamagata Imono has been certified as a traditional Japanese craft and the excellence of the Yamagata molding style has been officially recognized.

Komon offers Tetsubin (iron kettle) with a history of 950 years and 3 generations of
Yamagataimono Company. The current president and his father have been recognized as Dentokogeishi honored traditional Japanese craftsman. With 3 others
staff, 2 artisan and older craftsman, they produce by hand high quality
Tetsubin (iron kettle) today.

Proper use of Yamagata Imono
These Yamagata Imono are made from hand-selected iron and forged according to traditional techniques developed more than 1000 years ago in Japan. They are incredibly functional, while being a beautiful exhibition piece.

Instructions for the first use
By following these instructions, you can eliminate any trace of metallic taste and discover the sweet and sweet flavors possible only from an iron kettle.

Step 1: Fill with water, bring the water to a boil, and then drain. Do this 3 times. This process removes the placed anti-corrosive coating
in our iron kettles to protect them from rust during storage and shipping.
Step 2: During the first two weeks of use, the inside of the Tetsubin should be thoroughly dried. Not with a cloth, but on very low heat to evaporate the water gently. Do not store the kettle with water or moisture inside during this period.

If you notice a metallic taste after this first treatment, you can boil the used tea leaves for 5-10 minutes. The tannins in tea, a polyphenolic compound, help eliminate the cause of any metallic aroma you might notice. If you notice a scale
inside your kettle, it is simply limestone, as it settles as deposits on the iron from the water during the evaporation process.

Some people think it adds good taste, as well as health benefits, so you can leave it worry-free. However, if you prefer to descale your iron kettle, there are online instructions you can follow. The surface of our iron kettles is treated with high-quality Urushi lacquer, which gives them a beautiful finish.


-Recommend washing by hand. Never be dishwasher safe.

-Please dry well to protect them from mold.

-Not recommended to use in a microwave.

-Do not use in the oven.