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Yamagata Imono Black Zelkova Bowl


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Retailer: Komon
Artisan: Shikki
Product Type: Wooden Bowl
Dimension: 60H x 102L mm
Thickness: 1mm
Weight: 84g
Color: Black
Wood: Zelkova

Each bowl is unique.

Yamanaka Shikki was founded near the Yamanaka Hot Springs area in Ishikawa, famous for making lacquer.

Usually, the wood used for the wear of the Japanese wooden table is cut horizontally in relation to the floor for more efficiency, but Yamanaka Shikki cuts his wood vertically in relation to the floor. In this way, the pattern of the wood is more unique to each piece and appears more clearly. Cutting wood in this way also helps to strengthen the wood against warping or cracking.

In addition, by repeatedly applying a transparent lacquer called “Kiurushi” in several different layers in the wood grain and wiping it with each layer, the pattern of the wood can clearly be seen even when the lacquer is completely applied and dry. When Urushi lacquer is used, Urushi strengthens the wood and acts as an insulator for hot food while protecting the wood from food. This lacquered wood (Urushi) keeps the product in remarkable condition for many years.

Shirasagimokko has been continuously using locally produced natural wood for 3 generations. All the wood used in their products is intended to convey the uniqueness of nature. Shirasagimokkou values this type of natural wood and makes it beautiful wood products, as well as part of their sales is donated to sustainable reforestation in Japan.

-Recommend washing by hand. Never be dishwasher safe.

-Please dry well to protect them from mold.

-Not recommended to use in a microwave.

-Do not use in the oven.