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Tanaka Shigeki SG2 Black Damascus Sujihiki 210mm Ebony


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Blacksmith: Shigeki Tanaka 田中一之刃物製作所

Production area: Miki-Hyogo / Japan

Profile: Sujihiki

Length: 210mm

Type of steel: Powders Steel

Steel: SG2, soft stainless steel coating

Handle: Ebony and Blonde Buffalo Horn

Hand orientation: ambidextrous

Total length: 362 mm

Cutting edge length 214 mm

Length of handle at tip: 228 mm

Blade height: 36 mm

Thickness: 2 mm

Length of handle: 135 mm

Weight: 142g

Shigeki Tanaka began his blacksmithing career in the village of Takefu for three years. He learned the intricacies of hand-forged blades. Later, he returned to Miki to continue his work in his family’s workshop where they mainly made forgeries and other agricultural tools. Now he focuses on kitchen knives and has gained a worldwide reputation for producing some of the best knives available. These knives are a functional work of art and would make a great addition to any collection.