Shoichi Hashimoto Yuuzan Aogami #2 Shirogami #2 Damascus Twist Gyuto 240mm Snakewood


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Blacksmith and Rioter: Shoichi Hashimoto 造形刃物作家
Production area: Hiroshima/ Japan
Profile: Gyuto
Size: 240mm
Type of steel: Carbon steel (oxidizable)
Steel: Yasuki, Shirogami #2 and Aogami #2, multiple cladding
Sleeve: Snakewood and double octagonal buffalo horn
Total length: 390 mm
Edge length: 237 mm
Handle length at tip: 252 mm
Blade height: 53 mm
Thickness: 3.2 mm
Handle length: 138 mm
Weight: 236g
Hand orientation: ambidextrous
A grinder: Myojin Naohito ズ

Shoichi Hashimoto calls himself a “knife modeler” (造形刃物作家). You may be wondering what does a knife modeler eat in winter? Once you’ve gone through some of his work, it suddenly makes sense: Shoichi is an artist, a sculptor and a cutler. Shoichi always designs his work from scratch, then makes all the necessary components, forges the damask steel himself and even sharpens the knife: a 100% one-man job.

Born in Hiroshima City in 1982, Shoichi graduated in Design and Modeling from Hiroshima City University and continued as a research assistant in metal arts and design.

Under the guidance of his master Takanori Mikami, Shoichi actively made incredibly beautiful Damned Knives and has won numerous awards over the years.

You may be wondering why I’ve never heard of Hashimoto. Interestingly, this is a guy who still uses an old “Flip Flop” phone, takes orders by fax and communicates via email. As a result, it is not present on social networks and is not very present online (contrary to the trend of social networks).

Shoichi is often at knife shows, including the Seki Knife Show, the Tokyo Knife Show, and even the New York Custom Knife Show. So next time, if you see Shoichi at a knife show, take a look at his work and say hello.

While its design is certainly breathtaking, its forging skills are also very high. Its signature 72-layer blue/white core is made by forging together Aogami #2 and Shirogami #2 steel. As you may know, blue and white steel have different heat treatment temperature ranges and the overlap area is very narrow. Shoichi is able to perfectly heat-treat the core of 72 layers in this narrow region, resulting in a blue/white damask hard steel that I believe “Kireaji (切れ味, peak feel) is second to none”.

Some of Shoichi’s works can only be described as “extravagant”. Being able to come up with such bold designs is one thing, executing it with such a high level of detail and finish is simply breathtaking.

This work is probably a more beautiful piece that I received at the shop! It is simply stunning!