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Shiro Kamo SG2 Kurozome Damascus Gyuto 210mm Ebony


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Blacksmith: Shiro Kamo
Production area: Takefu,Echizen / Japan
Profile: Gyuto
Length: 210 mm
Type of steel: Powders Steel
Steel: SG2, soft stainless steel coating
Handle: Ebony and Buffalo Horn Blonde
Hand orientation: ambidextrous
Total length: 279 mm
Cutting edge length 219 mm
Length of handle at tip: 230 mm
Blade height: 54 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Length of handle: 138 mm
Weight: 190g

These beautiful knives are made by master blacksmith Kamo-san from Takefu Village, Japan. It is rare to find blacksmiths who excel in both grinding and forging, but Kamo-san is one of them. He works with a very small team of only two other workers. While many workshops entrust their blades to various workers for the different stages of manufacturing, Kamo-san keeps these operations in-house and under his personal supervision.

Shiro Kamo, born in 1958, is the current president of the Takefu Knife Village Association. Kamo was honored for his skills with the title Dento-Kogei-shi, meaning Master of Traditional Craftsmanship. This famous Japanese title is awarded to a select few artisans who have made a significant contribution to their craft in a particular region. Kamo is a second generation blacksmith with a deep passion for his craft and teaches Japanese blacksmithing in Europe.