Saji Hamono R2 Damascus Sujihiki Sakimaru 240mm Deer Horn


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Blacksmith: Takeshi Saji 佐治作
Production area: Echizen, Fukui/ Japan
Profile: Sujihiki Sakimaru
Size: 240 mm
Type of steel: Powder Steel
Steel: R2, Coated with Stainless Steel Damassé Flexible
Handle: Deer Horn
Total length: 380 mm
Edge length: 253 mm
Handle length at tip: 258 mm
Blade height: 44 mm
Thick: 2.8 mm
Length of handle: 122 mm
Weight: 304g
Hand orientation: Ambidextrous
Hardness: 63-64 HRC

Master Saji is the third generation blacksmith from Takefu City, Fukui Prefecture, who was certified as a traditional cutlery craftsman at the age of 44. Damascus knives, often paired with unique custom handles such as hand-crafted ironwood handles. Having become a legend in the manufacture of hunting knives, Master Saji has a unique eye for fine finishing, and he also constantly innovates by bringing new looks to knives.