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Nakagawa Satoshi Ginsan Migaki Gyuto 240mm Maple Ambrosia


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Blacksmith: Nakagawa Satoshi 菊千代
Production area: Sakai-Osaka/ Japan
Profile: Gyuto
Size: 240mm
Steel Type: Stainless Steel
Steel: Ginsan (Silver #3), soft iron plated
Sleeve: Lignum vitae, Padouk, Maple Ambrosia
Total length: 380 mm
Edge length: 228 mm
Handle length at tip: 247 mm
Blade height: 46 mm
Thickness: 2.9 mm
Handle length: 138 mm
Weight: 211g
Hand orientation: ambidextrous

Manufacturer of the Channel: Martin Tremblay



I am proud to present the series of hybrid knives: Japanese blade and Quebec handle created by Martin Tremblay! I strongly believe that the technique and the hundreds of years of expertise that the Japanese possess in the art of forging are second to none! However, in Quebec we have a certain talent for cabinet-makeers, as confirmed by these magnificent custom sleeves.

The goal is to form a symbiosis between two countries, two talents and make it a truly unique exceptional product! This series of six knives is available in only one copy of wood.

Shiraki Knives in Sakai City was one of the best blacksmiths in Japan. Kenichi Shiraki was a famous blacksmith who can make number 1 water-soaked Honyaki (Shiroichi Mizu Honyaki) knives out of white steel. It is said that there are only about four blacksmiths who can make these knives in 2021. This skill is required.

Satoshi Nakagawa studied and made knives there for 16 years. He closed the Shiraki knives after Master Shiraki’s retirement and started the Nakagawa knives in April 2021. It can also make Shiroichi Mizu Honyaki knives, single and double bevel knives, and stainless steel and carbon steel knives. This fact means that he is one of the best blacksmiths in Japan. It inherited 600 years of history and tradition of making Sakai cutlery.