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Komon Mr.&Mrs. Shinohara Hollow Plate Medium Kirikabu White (Pair)


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Retailer: Komon
Artisan: Shinohara
Product Type: Hollow Plate
Dimension: 205mm
Height: 31mm
Weight: 359g
Color: Kirikabu White

Each plate is unique. Sold in pairs.

Mr. and Mrs. Shinohara created their own style by working in several different ceramic traditions throughout Japan.
Kiseto, Hakeme and Kohiki are their main styles in which they work to create beautiful products that can be used on a daily basis. Their main goal is to bring Japan’s many styles of ceramics to everyday life, such as their “Small Chawan” which is usually used for matcha but can be held in one hand to enjoy Japanese tea, while feeling the style of a great Chawan used in the tea ceremony.

Mr. Madam. Shinohara from Kyoto, mix many styles of regional Japanese ceramics in their work. The Shinohara are both graduates of a traditional art school in Kyoto. Takashi Shinohara worked in Arita (Saga Prefecture), Seto (Aichi Prefecture) and Kyoto, his wife Megumi worked in Hasami (Nagasaki Prefecture), in 2016 Takashi and Megumi moved to Kyoto and started making their own ceramic products from the knowledge and experience gained. .

The result of their work is a mixture of several regional Japanese ceramic styles, with extensive training in the Aritayaki, Setoyaki and Hasamiyaki ceramic styles. Mr. Madam. Shinohara produces its own unique clay glazes and textures based on their previous experiences. For example, Kiseto is normally a smooth and shiny texture, but they gave Kiseto a rough matte texture with a feeling of river rocks worn out by years of white water.

From their creative use of traditional ceramic styles were born unique pieces for everyday use.

-Recommend washing by hand. Never be dishwasher safe.

-Please dry well to protect them from mold.

-Not recommended to use in a microwave.

-Do not use in the oven.