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Komon Maruwa Kogyo Happy Shichirin


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Retailer: Komon
Artisan: Maruwa Kogyo
Product Type: BBQ
Dimension: 30.5cm diameter ×H16cm

*IMPORTANT: Each BBQ is sold with 1.5kg of Kishu-Binchotan Premium. Given the weight and dimensions of the product, a shipping fee of $ 15 is included in the price. The fee will be refunded if you purchase directly in-store or using the in-store pickup option.

Kiridashi Shichirin is made by manually cutting clay into blocks at the end of a tunnel that has been dug for many years, so as not to crush the air pocket contained in natural diatomaceous earth. It is usually kneaded to break the mass of clay, which can crush the airship. Kiridashi Shichirin is cut into blocks and transformed into shichirin shape as is, so that the vacuoles do not collapse, and it is characterized by higher heat retention and lightness. In addition, cutting work requires many years of skill and physical strength, and due to the aging of craftsmen, there are currently only two companies in the world capable of making cut shichirin.