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Komon Konro Noto Marugata White Large


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Retailer: Komon
Artisan: Taisei Kogyo
Product Type: BBQ
Dimension: 30.5cm diameter ×H16cm

*IMPORTANT: Each BBQ is sold with 1.5kg of Kishu-Binchotan Premium. Given the weight and dimensions of the product, a shipping fee of $ 15 is included in the price. The fee will be refunded if you purchase directly in-store or using the in-store pickup option.

Founded in 1941, it is still one of the few companies to manufacture Shichirin diatomaceous earth. Cooking on Shichirin using diatomaceous earth is very delicious, and since it is possible to maximize the taste of the ingredients, this company has been sticking to diatomaceous earth for many years.