Komon BBQ Konro Teppan Black


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Retailer: Komon
Artisan: Kameshima Seitojo
Product Type: BBQ
Dimension: 385mm, 225mm, 180mm

*IMPORTANT: Each BBQ is sold with 1.5kg of Kishu-Binchotan Premium. Given the weight and dimensions of the product, a shipping fee of $ 15 is included in the price. The fee will be refunded if you purchase directly in-store or using the in-store pickup option.

Mikawayaki Konro is a type of Shichirin in Aichi Prefecture. Shichirin and Konro are only the name is different, and they have the same purpose and form.
Konro production increased because Mikawa clay from Aichi Prefecture was used with clay from Suzu City (Ishikawa Prefecture). However, at present, diatomaceous earth from Suzu City (Ishikawa Prefecture) is mainly used for Mikawayaki. Unlike Kiridashi Shichirin, Mikawayaki Konro uses diatomaceous earth that has been kneaded, but many Mikawa stoves are painted in color or compact to be placed on a table in a restaurant or used in a Ryokan (classic Japanese hotel).