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Hitohira Togashi Shirogami #1 Stainless Clad Sujihiki 300mm Taihei Ebony


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Brand: Hitohira ひ と ひ ら (一片)
Smith: Blacksmith Togashi 富 樫 刃 物 製作 所
Production area: Sakai-Osaka / Japan
Profile: Sujihiki
Size: 300 mm
Type of steel: carbon steel
Steel: Yasuki White (Shirogami) – 1, soft stainless steel coating
Handle: Taihei Ebony and Buffalo Horn
Total length: 444 mm
Length of edge: 287 mm
Length of handle at tip: 300 mm
Blade height: 42 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Length of handle: 142 mm
Weight: 247g
Hand orientation: ambidextrous
Sling: Kenya Togashi


Kenji Togashi is a legendary Sakai blacksmith and one of the few blacksmiths in Japan to have the skills to forge quality honyaki blades. Since the beginning of his career in 1966, Master Togashi has received numerous distinctions, he is renowned for mastering these skills of forge. Master Togashi makes blades in his own workshop in Sakai, with his three sons.