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Hatsukokoro Shirogami #2 Jihada petty 200mm Ebony


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Blacksmith: *Wishes to remain anonymous
Production area: Fukushima/ Japan
Profile: Petty
Size: 200mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel
Steel: Yasuki Shirogami #2, soft iron coating
Handle: Ebony
Total length: 340 mm
Edge length: 206 mm
Tip handle length: 220 mm
Blade height: 26 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Handle length: 120 mm
Weight: 115g
Hand orientation: ambidextrous

This mystery blacksmith is the pupil of one of the most renowned houses in Sanjo. He wants to work as secretly as possible in order to limit conflicts of interest as much as possible.

It was very difficult to photograph this knife by the patterns of this blade are extremely subtle and refined! One can only distinguish the waves from the steel by looking very closely at the blade. It is clear that a high-flying work has been carried out on the polishing of this blade. The knife was baptized, Jihada which means (Skin). We can immediately see by looking at the convex geometry, a total mastery of the level of finish.

This knife is a prototype, no other knife in this series has been produced.