Hatsukokoro Komorebi Aogami #1 Damascus Petty 150mm Ebony


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Brand: Hatsukokoro
Production area: Sakai-Osaka/Japan
Profile: Petty
Size: 150mm
Steel Type: Carbon Steel (oxidizable)
Steel: Aogami #1 (Blue), soft oxidizable steel coating
Handle: Ebony wood and buffalo horn
Total length: 286 mm
Edge length: 149 mm
Neck length at the tip: 166 mm
Blade height: 33 mm
Thickness: 3mm
Handle length: 120 mm
Weight: 100g
Hand orientation: Ambidextrous

Another great series of the Hatsukokoro brand. Komorebi (こもれび) refers to the effect of sunlight passing through trees and leaves. A perfect way to describe the subtle contrasting finish in Aogami steel at the heart and the soft steel of these knives.

In addition to the beautiful aesthetics of the surface, the Komorebi Damascus series has a higher heel height dimension for blades of the same Length of Japanese blade. It offers extra clearance for fingers and knuckles and therefore ease of cutting large food in your kitchen. In addition, the convexity along the edge provides greater durability.