Hado Ginsan Damascus Bunka 180mm Kijiro Lacquered


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Brand: Hado 刃道
Blacksmith: Shogou Yamatsuka
Production area: Sakai-Osaka/Japan
Profile: Bunka
Size: 180mm
Type of steel: stainless steel
Steel: Ginsan (Silver) #3, Soft stainless clad
Sleeve: Kijiro Lacquered
Total length: 318 mm
Edge length: 170 mm
Handle length at tip: 184 mm
Blade height: 44 mm
Thickness: 2.1 mm
Handle length: 134 mm
Weight: 130 g
Hand orientation: Ambidrextre
Grinder: Tadataka Maruyama

In Japanese, the kanji forming the word Hado (刃道) represent “the road of blades”. Another word in Japanese, which is also pronounced “Hado”, means “wave in motion”. This represents the philosophy behind the Hado project from Fukui Co & Ltd, a highly regarded Japanese knife sales company with a 109-year history. This is the first “in house” series of Fukui Co & Ltd and it is frankly well started, the Hado project stands out for its audacity to think outside the box. Indeed, it all started when Tadataka Maruyama, who was in charge of sales and the management of the company’s warehouse, went to President Ryuichiro Fukui in person to tell him that he wanted to leave his post and learn the art of “hatsuke” (blade molding). President Fukui saw in Maruyama a burning desire and seized the opportunity, this is where the story becomes interesting. The president agreed that Murayama would leave his position at Fukui Co & Ltd to learn blade molding, provided that he returned after 3 years to become the company’s main grinder. Three years during which he would be paid his salary and during which the company would prepare a workshop with the best possible equipment, which would only wait for the return of the new grinder that Maruyama would become. Add to the visionary talents of the president, mutual trust, passion, but above all a lot of work and we will get Hado. A small wave in motion whose repercussions will go far. Mr. Fukui having very good contacts in the field, Maruyama was able to learn directly from great masters, especially from Syotaro Nomura and Masaaki Nakamura. Normally, it is said that it takes no less than ten years to master blade molding, but normally the process involves several years of observation before the blades can be touched. As Maruyama was able to start directly and after his 3 years of apprenticeship he had a new workshop just for him in which he refined his mastery of “hatsuke” another 6 months, he obtained a satisfactory and respected mastery in Sakai. Indeed, even Yoshikazu Tanaka, one of Japan’s most recognized master blacksmiths, has agreed to collaborate with Fukui Co & Ltd and Tadataka Maruyama on two of Hado’s flagship series.


Hado’s Ginsan series is forged from ginsan (silver steel number 3) by the dentoukogeishi (Master Blacksmith) Shogou Yamatsuka of Yamatsuka Hamono and moved by Tadataka Maruyama of Fukui Co & Ltd. Ginsan is a steel that almost replicates the cutting capabilities of high-carbon steels while being stainless. Tadataka’s concave grinding results in a very thin edge and an unparalleled cutting capacity, so you have to take the time to tame the knife and use these blades properly if you do not want any unpleasant surprises. We recommend this series to professional cooks, home cooking enthusiasts or simply as an original gift for family or a close friend.