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ARTA Suehiro Umami


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Product Type: Dashi Shoyu Sauce
Quantity: 300ml

Suehiro Umami is a Dashi-shoyu-style sauce: a blend of soy sauce and mirin, infused with kombu seaweed and dried bonito. The result? A sauce with demarcated flavors, both saline and smoked. With its complex seasoning, Umami sauce will enhance stir-fries, meats, marinades, fried rice and soups.

Suehiro Shoyu Brewery is located in southwestern Japan, near the Ibogawa River, in the heart of Tatsuno City in Hyogo Prefecture. Founded in 1879, the brewery still retains its artisanal brewing methods today. But this traditional know-how is not without its challenges in the face of food industrialization – of the sixty or so soybean breweries once established in the city of Tatsuno, only a handful remain. The secret to this unique flavor comes from Suehiro’s wooden warehouse, where fermentation-specific bacteria naturally reside.