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ARTA Shibanuma Yakiniku


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Product Type: BBQ Sauce
Quantity: 300ml

Shibanuma Yakiniku is a barbecue-style sauce, made from a blend of traditionally brewed soy sauce, rice vinegar, apple pieces, onions and Sansho pepper. The taste interest of this yakiniku is based on the contrast between the saline taste of soy, the sweetness of apple and the acidity of artisanal rice vinegar. This sauce will enrich dishes with fish, tofu, rice, meats and grilled vegetables.

Founded by Shozaemon Shibanuma in 1688 in Tsuchiura, the company has specialized in soy sauces and seasonings for more than three hundred and twenty years, through eighteen family generations. The bacterial activity found in wood barrels, combined with the artisanal manufacturing process from locally grown soybeans and wheat, are the key to this exceptional product.