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ARTA Marunaka Shoyu 720ml


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Product Type: Koikuchi Style Soy Sauce

Quantity: 720ml

Marunaka Shoyu is a soy sauce made using a methodical process over a period of three years, involving the know-how of artisan brewers on a daily basis.

Inside the warehouse, built during the Edo period (1600-1868), the deliberate lack of modern control equipment testifies to the knowledge of the brewers, having to rely solely on their senses and know-how in order to direct production. For these reasons, Marunaka Shoyu Brewery is now part of Japan’s national heritage, designated as a “tangible cultural property” by the government.

Marunaka Shoyu is located between the Suzuka Mountains and Lake Biwa, in eastern Shiga Prefecture, in the middle of Japan.