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ARTA Iio Jozo Genmai Kurosu


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Product Type: Black Rice Vinegar
Quantity: 500mm

Lio Jozo is a small craft brewery located in the north of Kyoto Prefecture, founded in 1893 in Miyazu by the sea. Fifth in his generation, Akihirio Iio is now the head of the family business, which specializes in rice vinegar made from organic whole brown rice, grown by local farmers.

The quality of Iio Jozo rice vinegar lies in the technique developed by Akihirio’s father: fortify their homemade sake with more grains of rice, to obtain a purer and richer Junmai sake, containing sake, water and vinegar in equal parts. Then fermented for 100 days, it is aged for 8 months in its vat covered with wood and straw. By creating a doubly brewed rice vinegar, artisans get a vinegar with complex aromas, more healthy nutrients, and a pronounced umami taste.

The result? Genmai Korosu vinegar contains the equivalent of 200 grams of rice per liter, unlike industrial rice vinegars, which contain an average of only 40 grams.