The Honyaki, an exceptional knife

Togashi Hamono Mizu Honyaki Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm Red Feu_6

The Honyaki is an iconic knife, it represents the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship. This type of knife is simply the quintessence of Japanese blades. A kitchen knife in Japan is normally shaped with a systematic combination of soft steel on the outside and a thin layer of hard steel in the center. This technique is […]

Natural stones

StaySharp - Natural Stones

First, the world of Jnats (Japanese Natural Stone) is huge and I do not consider myself an expert in the field. However, having been an active user of these stones for several years, I would like to present my views on this subject and show you the benefits of using them. Why use natural stones? […]

The story of Hitohira

The story of its owner is far from trivial; his point of view on the Japanese kitchen knife and its future is very interesting. In this text, you will discover the beginnings of this company until its current peak. It began with many trips around the world. The owner’s last destination was Canada, where he […]